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Hillside Letters A to Z: A Guide to Hometown Landmarks


Have you ever seen a giant letter on a mountain slope and wondered why it was there?

Hundreds of giant letters are found on hillsides throughout our country. For more than a century, the history and cultural traditions of these hillside letters have remained a mystery for most people until the publication of Hillside Letters A to Z: A Guide to Hometown Landmarks published by Mountain Press Publishing Company in 2007.

A for University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ B for Bountiful High School in Bountiful, UT C for Chadron State College in Chadron, NE

Author Evelyn Corning, who has had a lifelong fascination with these mountain monograms, spent four years researching and writing about this unusual phenomenon. Corning found that the mountains and hills of the American West are swimming in letters, like a giant bowl of alphabet soup. Her book reveals the first letter to be built over a century ago, and details the customs, controversies, and local stories that have turned these hillside letters into community landmarks. This is a great book for adults and children will enjoy it too. It includes a list of each state's letters, collection of engaging stories featuring 60 of these landmark letters, nearly 100 photographs and a map. Hillside Letters A to Z is a great resource for the residents and alumni of these giant mountain monograms, the curious traveler, or anyone interested in the American West.